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Amino acids are the essential components of life. They exist in all living beings, they are involved in numerous metabolic processes and serve to create new body tissue.


AMINO has dedicated itself to these future-oriented and vital substances


It is our company’s objective to create the future. We convince our customers at a european level in the pharmaceutical and medical sector with naturally obtained and high-quality processed amino acids. Our flexible production, fast delivery times and highest quality standards are clear advantages in the competition of amino acid manufacturing.


The key to our success: We carefully pay attention to our customers’ needs, develop ideal solutions and always try to surpass all expectations. With this approach, we have become more innovative and efficient in recent years. Our guideline, Creating the Future, motivates us every day to work together as a team on optimizing proven operations and constantly breaking new ground, in order to become even more innovative and successful as a amino acids manufacturer.

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Amino acids are vital and indispensable for human health. We have been producing building blocks of life for our worldwide customers at our site in Frellstedt since 1958, always in first-class quality and as fast and flexible as possible.

We are continuously expanding our product range. We adapt flexibly to changes in the market – and of course to the wishes and needs of you as our customer. In addition to the classic amino acids, our portfolio also includes Betaine and other active pharmaceutical ingredients. More information about our extensive product range can be found in our product overview.

Product overview

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Our experts use tailor-made processes to develop innovative products and help you to solve lots of other challenges.


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Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths. Our brand AMixCo Premix  develops individually composed amino acid premixes.


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