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AMINO creates innovative business units

The goal to develop further has pushed our company in recent years. The expansion of our production and sites, many new buildings on our premises, the renewal of our production facilities and the permanent expansion of our product range have enabled us to grow our amino acids business and focus even better on the needs of our customers.


In this context, two business units have been established to help us to constantly stay an innovative amino acids manufacturer in the future. AMixCo Premix GmbH is one of the pillars of our business units and deals with the production of individual premixes of nutrients and active ingredients. The second pillar is the team of our AMINOVATION division which constantly develops new solutions for customer-specific problems and deals with revolutionary and innovative ideas. Both business areas help us to develop continuously, to break new ground and to never stand still.


// Brands of the Amino World

Our experts use tailor-made processes to develop innovative products and help you to solve lots of other challenges.


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Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths. Our brand AMixCo Premix  develops individually composed amino acid premixes.


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