// Corporate policy


AMINO GmbH, based in Frellstedt, manufactures high-quality amino acids and related products for the
pharmaceutical and nutritive market. With the new construction of the innovation center and the
associated expansion of research and development activities, AMINO intends to complement its core
business of manufacturing pharmaceutical amino acids with amino acid derivatives and other active
pharmaceutical ingredients in the future, as well as develop new technologies for the company.


Even though we sell our products in a pure B2B business, human health determines all of our actions.
Maintaining and recovering human health is our purpose.

To achieve our objectives, transparent actions from the management to the individual employee are
necessary. We stand together and every single one of us matters.

To support the growth of the company and secure jobs, AMINO is committed to complying with
applicable legal regulations as well as continuous improvement of all corporate processes and is
dedicated to a sustainability-oriented corporate strategy with the three pillars of economy, ecology
and social responsibility.


// Economy

AMINO is a young company with a dynamic growth rate. Our customers are global players in the
pharmaceutical and nutritive market. In order to meet the requirements and to be able to continually
grow, we make every effort to place customer satisfaction at the center of our entrepreneurial


A process of continuous improvement as well as appropriate quality assurance systems for the
realization of a zero-defect philosophy for all areas of our activities are the basis of outstanding quality.
In addition, we are committed to meeting customer-adapted product specifications at all times and to
fully implement our internal processes in accordance with the stringent principles of “Good
Manufacturing Practice (GMP)” in order to be a trustworthy, long-term partner for our customers in
combination with reliability and adequate pricing.


// Ecology

Sustainability is the fundamental principle from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of
our products. Therefore, we are committed to constantly reducing our environmental impact and
increasing energy efficiency.


The Focus of our efforts is the reduction of energy and water consumption as well as the minimization
of waste and CO2 emissions. With an energy management system certified in accordance with ISO
50001, we ensure that the necessary information and resources are available, only energy-efficient
products and equipment are procured and our operational processes are continuously improved.
Regular ecological analyses of our company processes enable us to follow technological developments
while taking into account economic conditions and, where possible, to become more modern and


// Social

Dealing responsibly with employees and partners is the foundation for a trustful cooperation. Safe
workplaces and a continuous improvement process to prevent hazards to life and health are important
to us. Equal opportunities and anti-discrimination as well as the participation of employees in shaping
our corporate processes are a matter of course for us. We maintain memberships in relevant platforms
and regularly face review audits for our ethical principles. We expect comparable behavior from our
global suppliers. Open communication with authorities and residents of our region is a prerequisite for
us to grow harmoniously in our environment.


All employees, but especially managers, are responsible for implementing the corporate policy. The
corporate policy is reviewed annually and must be communicated within the company.

Frellstedt, October 1, 2021

Dr. Lutz Thomas
Managing Director