The exact formulation is the key

In addition to our pure pharmaceutical amino acids and active ingredients, we also offer maximum flexibility: Our brand AMixCO Premix develops individual premixes of nutrients and active ingredients for you – tailored to your specific requirements. In this way, all components are balanced out.


Thanks to the high expertise of our team, you benefit from a safe and smooth production of your individual premixes. In addition, you can of course rely on the high quality of our products.


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// Your advantages / From fast deliveries to service

// Fast deliveries

Thanks to our large network, we can supply you as our customer just in time.

// Flexibility

We develop individual concept solutions for you, tailored to your needs.

// Sustainability

Acting ecologically and socially responsible is a matter of course for us.

// Quality

Quality is a cornerstones of the AMINO GmbH – for all products and processes.

// Comprehensive Service

Our experts support you along the entire value chain up to the final approval.

// Our target markets

// Pharmaceutical Ingredients

// Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) und Pharma Intermediates

// Cell culture media

// infant nutrition and dietetics