Use of amino acids in numerous fields of application

All our clients benefit from the quality of our products and our flexibility, but also from our know-how. Due to the wide-ranging knowledge of our specialists, we can provide you with competent support from production through to approval. We specialize in the following markets and applications:


  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

In addition to active ingredients for oral applications, our focus is on pyrogen-free amino acids for infusions and injections.


  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Pharma-Intermediates

You can use our high-quality amino acids as ideal intermediates in active substance syntheses or as active pharmaceutical ingredients.


  • Cell Culture Media

We provide high-purity amino acids for the production of pharmaceuticals in cell cultures. They are ideally suited as nutrients in cell cultures.


  • Dietetics

Our amino acids are ideally suited for the production of dietary supplements, dietetics and special nutritional products,
e.g. for infants, toddlers and the elderly.


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