Achieving highest goals in a great team

Transparency and safety are not only important core factors of our work with regard to our products. In our teams, too, we focus on clear communication, respectful and appreciative interaction and an honest exchange of opinions. We want our employees and the practiced values to be the foundation of our actions. Only a strong team spirit and a common goal allow us to deliver top performance for our customers and at the same time promote the personal development of each individual.


In recent years, we have been able to continuously expand the AMINO team and permanently establish new business segments and specialist areas thanks to the excellent work of our employees. Get to know our team better and get a personal impression of our corporate culture on this page.



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Create the future with us

The manufacturing of innovative products requires a strong team. At AMINO, we always look for new employees, who are as passionate as we are about producing essential nutrients and active ingredients and who want to shape the future with us.


Whether you are experienced, a young professional, a student, school student or career changer: Be sure to find the right job in our company to play your strengths. Just click through our career section to see if there is a suitable vacancy for you. 


The number of our employees has increased to 114 in the last years. Most of them work full-time, less than one-tenth is doing part-time jobs. The majority are between 30 and 50 years old.


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We lay importance on equal opportunities. In recent years, the proportion of women in our workforce has constantly risen – starting from just under 29 % in 2013 to over 36 % in 2015.



Sustainability, performance, respect, integrity, responsibility, communication: Together, we have developed six corporate values. They form the basis for our work with each other and with our customers.


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We want to involve apprentices in our daily business as much as possible and support them in their work. Preferably, each apprentice is supervised by one trainer per occupational field.