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Amino acids are the essential building blocks of life. They are found in all living beings, are involved in numerous metabolic processes and serve to build up new body tissue. The AMINO GmbH stands for innovative, high-quality manufactured products, which are delivered internationally to meet the needs of our customers. At our site in Frellstedt we produce daily pure amino acids and develop solutions to satisfy highest demands.


// Your advantages / From fast deliveries to service

// Fast deliveries

Thanks to our large network, we can supply you as our customer just in time.

// Flexibility

We develop individual concept solutions for you, tailored to your needs.

// Sustainability

Acting ecologically and socially responsible is a matter of course for us.

// Quality

Quality is a cornerstones of the AMINO GmbH – for all products and processes.

// Comprehensive Service

Our experts support you along the entire value chain up to the final approval.

// Our Products

Adapted to your needs and the market

Amino acids are vital and indispensable for human health. We have been producing building blocks of life for our worldwide customers at our site in Frellstedt since 1958, always in first-class quality and as fast and flexible as possible.

We are continuously expanding our product range. We adapt flexibly to changes in the market – and of course to the wishes and needs of you as our customer. In addition to the classic amino acids, our portfolio also includes Betaine and other active pharmaceutical ingredients. More information about our extensive product range can be found in our product overview.

Product overview

// Brands of the Amino World

Our experts use tailor-made processes to develop innovative products and help you to solve lots of other challenges.


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Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths. Our subsidiary AMixCo Premix GmbH develops individually composed amino acid premixes.


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Ten percent of our employees are working in the field of quality management. In this way, we are able to continuously ensure our customers that our products fulfill the highest quality requirements.


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100 percent of our products are approved exclusively by qualified personnel with the necessary experience and in accordance with the provisions of the German Medicines Act.


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We produce a wide variety of amino acids and other active ingredients in pharmaceutical quality around the clock. They are tested throughout the entire procurement and manufacturing process.


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Our company has grown by more than 400 percent in the last thirteen years. The permanent personnel increase enables us to further optimize internal processes as well as our delivery procedures.


// Become a part of Amino

Create the future with us

The manufacturing of innovative products requires a strong team. At AMINO, we always look for new employees, who are as passionate as we are about producing essential nutrients and active ingredients and who want to shape the future with us.


Whether you are experienced, a young professional, a student, school student or career changer: Be sure to find the right job in our company to play your strengths. Just click through our career section to see if there is a suitable vacancy for you.