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Permanent quality assurance paves the way for a successful future

Quality assurance is also performed in production. We produce certified amino acids and other active pharmaceutical ingredients day and night in state-of-the-art multi-purpose factories at our site in Frellstedt. The permanent validation of our processes and plants in accordance with the applicable Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines (GMP) allows us to guarantee products of the highest quality and potency.


At AMINO, we want to develop and advance at all times. This also includes permanent monitoring and optimizing of our plants and work processes for an innovative and successful future. In 2019, for example, we opened our new Innovation Center which opens doors for the next generation of products and services.


About the quality controls of AMINO

// Our Products

Adapted to your needs and the market

Amino acids are vital and indispensable for human health. We have been producing building blocks of life for our worldwide customers at our site in Frellstedt since 1958, always in first-class quality and as fast and flexible as possible.

We are continuously expanding our product range. We adapt flexibly to changes in the market – and of course to the wishes and needs of you as our customer. In addition to the classic amino acids, our portfolio also includes Betaine and other active pharmaceutical ingredients. More information about our extensive product range can be found in our product overview.

Product overview

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// Your contact for Regulatory Affairs

From the approval of drugs to the correct preparation of information – our experienced team supports you in the area of regulatory affairs. Nationally and internationally.


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